About Our Company

Welcome to 2-Fast Ltd, your dedicated maritime partner to offer you food provisioning, technical supply and vessels-related services.
”2~Fast” Ltd has 29 years of experience in general supply vessels at all Polish ports and shipyards.
Almost 30 years of experience

Our Services

Our company offers ship supplies, including cabin, deck and engine supplies. Our range includes a wide range of products that are essential for crews and shipowners to keep their equipment in good condition and ensure safety during voyages.

Cabin supplies include all kinds of accessories and equipment needed to keep crew and passenger cabins clean and comfortable. We offer hygiene products, bedding, towels, kitchen tools, as well as bathroom and laundry equipment.

Our company is ready to provide cabin, deck and engine supplies for any type of vessel, regardless of its size and specification. Deliveries are made quickly and efficiently, and our staff is always ready to help you choose the right products and solve any problems that may arise.

Trust our experience and take advantage of our offer to keep your ship in perfect technical condition and ensure safety on board.
Supplies of provisions and bonded stores
Supplies of spare parts and safety equipment
Supplies of cabin, deck and engine stores
Supplies of BA charts, other maritime publications
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